Aging gracefully

Aging With Grace

Billie Breeden

 Why should we be scared of aging? Aging is beautiful and part of the normal process! You deserve to look and feel great, and while aging is beautiful, we still want to nourish our skin and treat it well. What's all the fuss about getting older?

Getting older and aging skin is one thing all women dread. Though beauty isn’t only about preserving youth, aging does have an effect on people’s confidence and self-esteem. We all want to look young as long as possible.

Here are 5 tips to help keep your skin from aging so fast:

  1. Don't take too much stress. Over stressing can never do you any good, frowning also speeds up the aging process.Keep calm and carry on with a smile on your face.
  2. Don't smoke. Avoid second-hand smoke too! Smoking isn’t just bad for your health in many ways it damages your skin to a great extent. Basically nicotine constricts blood vessels and decreases the supply of oxygen to the skin. It also dries up your skin and makes it prone to more wrinkles. And you don’t want that!
  3. Skin under the attack of UV rays doesn’t just tan; it allows aging to be more prominent. Protect your skin when you are in the sun with a good sunscreen.
  4. Sporadic skin care is as good as having no skin care regime! It doesn’t help cleansing your face once a week, or moisturizing when you have the mood to. Your skin needs everyday attention. You go through sweat and pollution every day, so it’s important to cleanse it every night, to wash away the grime and avoid clogged pores. It’s also important to exfoliate a couple of times a week to remove the dead cells. Check out our Organic Tumeric Neem Scrub. And after all the cleansing and exfoliating, you must follow it up with a round of hydration using a gentle natural moisturizer like Ms. Billie's Age Perfect Moisturizing Cream or our Graceful Face Serum. The thing with anti-aging moisturizing regimens is that once you start it, you’ll see visible results. But you need to keep it up for best results, a temporary break can cause the initial benefits to go away. This is a very critical skin care tip for ageing.
  5. Though a regular skin care regime is important, overdoing it is not a great thing either. Don’t pull, rub, and tug at your skin, that only makes it age faster. All you need is some TLC!

We don’t tend to realize that aging doesn’t hit overnight, your lifestyle, skin care regime and choice of products significantly make a big difference to how you age. The good news that though looking young and youthful may not be entirely in your hands, you can do all you can to restore it for as long as you can and slow down the process of skin aging. And don't forget...Aging is beautiful!