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7 Reasons to Ditch Your Toxic Deodorant

Billie Breeden

The deodorant business is a multi-billion dollar a year business. We all use deodorant but, in our effort, to smell pleasant, we may be compromising our health.

 Here are 7 Reasons to Quit Using Store Bought Deodorant and What To Use Instead:

 1. Deodorant Is Packed With Toxic Chemicals and Preservatives

Try looking at the back of a deodorant bottle and see how many ingredients you can pronounce. Chances are, the number of words you can actually sound out will be few and far between. All of these never-ending ingredient names that are hard to pronounce are even harder to prove as safe.

Applying these chemicals to your skin may be even worse than consuming them since this allows them to be absorbed into your bloodstream without first being filtered.

 2. Deodorant Is Filled With Compounds That Mess With Your Hormones

Almost all traditional deodorants are loaded with chemicals that are hormone disruptors. One of the biggest offenders is a group of synthetic compounds known as parabens.

Parabens have also come under fire for potentially contributing to breast cancer. Testing performed on sample breast cancer tumors has revealed the presence of parabens.

These preservatives are found in everything from moisturizers to lotions to face washes to deodorant – are included in product formulas to help prohibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold. Research suggests that parabens can cause a negative impact on the body’s reproductive, immune, and neurological systems.

Commercial deodorants also contain synthetic fragrance. The presence of artificial fragrance almost guarantees the presence of phthalates since manufacturers are not required to specify what the fragrance is composed of.

Phthalates, which also act as endocrine disruptors, are suspected to cause a variety of negative health effects such as allergies, certain cancers, and respiratory issues.

3. Deodorant Contains Substances That May Increase Your Risk of Cancer

Aluminum compounds such as aluminum chloride – found in concentrations up to 25 percent – are a common addition to deodorant and serve to block sweat ducts. These compounds have been found to mimic estrogen and encourage the growth of cancer cells, particularly breast cancer. 

4. Pesticides – No Longer Just For Plants

Chances are, you would never choose to cover your underarms with pesticides but when you apply deodorant, you are doing just that.

Although it is classified as a pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency, triclosan – an antibacterial compound – is still included as an ingredient in many store-bought deodorants as well as antibacterial soaps and other personal care products.

Triclosan presents a variety of risks to both your health and the planet. It has been linked to allergies, difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, inflammatory issues, birth defects, and thyroid conditions.

Triclosan is also thought to contribute to antibiotic resistance.

5. Antiperspirants Hardly Even Work

If you assume that deodorant’s sky-high levels of nasty chemicals and additives automatically makes it 100 percent effective, you would be quite wrong.

To be classified as ‘all day protection’, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) only requires antiperspirants to provide a 20 percent reduction in sweat.

In order for an antiperspirant to boast an ‘extra strength’ label, the FDA only requires a 30 percent reduction in perspiration. This means you are slathering your skin with harsh irritants and toxic compounds and still sweating anyway!

6. Sweating can actually be a good thing.

Since the human body contains millions of sweat glands, it may be for the best that commercial deodorant is hardly effective.

Sweating promotes detoxification and helps regulate our temperature. Sweating also helps encourage healthy immune system function and promote healthy, clear pores.

 7. They Leave Annoying White Streaks and Stains All Over Your Clothes

As if the health effects of deodorant are not terrifying enough, it also puts a damper on our lifestyle.

Almost all of us have left the house thinking we look attractive and put together only to realize we have been walking around with a big white streak on our dark shirt or an unsightly yellow mark on our white shirt.

Although the cause of these embarrassing, stubborn streaks is not entirely known, aluminum is considered one of the top culprits.

You can get rid of your old, unhealthy deodorant and still smell clean and fresh by making your own natural deodorant.

A wide range of natural ingredients can be combined to create effective, healthy alternatives to standard chemical-filled deodorants.

I make my own and you can too!

For a downloadable recipe and instructions on how to make your own natural deodorant, click the link below.  If you decide it’s just too much trouble to make your own, Ms. Billie's will be taking orders for our Clean Deodorant. Email us at or message us on Facebook @Ms. Billie's Skin 


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